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Planning & Creating

Bacharel’s degree in Social Comunication, major in Journalism by Anhembi Morumbi University. Currently finishing a two years course of Digital Design in Panamericana School of Art & Design, which could make me able to plan and diagram this very website.

create the best content

Years of expertise in creating unique content for brands to different medias

Understand your user

 Knowing your costumer is the best way to convey your idea. Once knowin  the brand identity it is possible to talk to the user as one. Using techniques of 2.0 Marketing, Social Media monitoring and Content Strategy the Green Headphone can create a bond between user and brand

remain precise

Is it a special hot site that you need? Is it a Facebook Live? With UX, UI and communication skills it it possible to create content for any device in a myriad of formats

fall in love with our features


With SEO Techniques it is now possible to optimize your page

Multilingual & translatable

English proficient, Brazilian Portuguese native, intermediate in German and basic knowledge in Spanish

Monitoring what matters

Right tools to make it possible to know what is really happening to your brand 24/7

Amazingly responsive

Clever design for your needs in any format

Community builder

Being able to write to the community and make your company being noticed is our duty.

Professional to any need

Expertise in events, press interviews, Photography and editing videos and pictures

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"A good decision is based on knowledge not on numbers"